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  I wrote this when I was younger and more idealistic. I am not sure where I am at this point in my life. Other than I am not as idealistic as I once was.     STATEMENT OF BELIEF OF PEACE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST   PREAMBLE   I, Donald E. Hester, find it appropriate and necessary to state my convictions and moral objections to combat and physical violence. Further, I find it appropriate and necessary to state my motivation and where I base my beliefs. I do hereby announce my beliefs, for the glory of God.   ARTICLE I MOTIVATION   Section 1. My motivation, in stating my beliefs, are for the benefit of the military’s investigation.   Section 2. To state in an organized manner my beliefs on war, combat , military service, civil authority, peace, the sanctity of life, and my future action.   Section 3. As with all I...

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  We the Church is a study by Bob George on what the Church is and is not. In this study he made a great point about some people who attend church on Sunday. He likened it to visiting your grandmother. People think they are going to God's house to visit with God and once they leave the building it is like they are not with God any more. As if they do not understand God does not live in a house and that He is with them wherever they go.   What is Church? Do you every feel like you go to 'visit' God? The Church is not a building, it is not a denomination and it is not an organization. The Church is all true believers in Christ, those that have been born again.   Bob shows how people are born into 3 different groups. The groups are Jew,...

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Tree on a Hill
  The book ‘There's a Sheep in my Bathtub’, by Brian Hogan, that chronicles his and his family’s adventure in Mongolia. It is a story of struggle and hope, of loss and gain a story that will make you laugh and cry.   Simple Christianity I also attended a Perspectives class that Brian Hogan was the guest speaker. He brought up his ideas on Church planting which may seem unconventional to many Christians. I really liked Brian's 7 rules for Christians. With these simple rules you can see that it strips out 2000 years of barnacles that are customs, traditions and rules made by men. If you will permit me, I call the barnacles religion.   Brian's 7 Rules for Christians that fall under love God and love others.   Love God Repent, believe and receive the Holy Spirit Baptize (The command was to go and baptize not be baptized) (reserved...
This movies is not for everyone. The movie is mostly crude humor and nudity. However, the movie does have a positive message, if you look for it. The message that is clearly portrayed in the movie is that open relationships don't work. It shows how jealousy will ruin a relationship fast. So, even with all the crude humor the movie does have some redeeming qualities. As for the comic relief; not so much. I give this movie 2 out of 5 pornos.

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On my latest trip to Washington DC I deliberately decided that while it was a business trip I would endeavor to make a visit to a number of place you might call hallowed grounds or sacred places. On my list of places to see was the Museum of the Marine Corps, the Iwo Jima Marine Corps memorial and Arlington cemetery. It is like a pilgrimage for me and a chosen as a priority over the sites to see in Washington DC. You see I have placed a great deal of gratitude for those who gave the last full measure.   We all benefit from their sacrifices. I feel they deserve something back from me. Therefore, I go; my act of appreciation, honor and deep gratitude.   First on my list was The Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia. As I walked up to the building I could not help but noticed the grandeur while it...
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I like to use historical people or characters as a means of inspiration for myself and others. However, I have a hard time labeling anyone as a hero or saint. Mostly from fear that some aspect of their life unknown to me, may reflect negatively on me for having bestowed such an honor on the individual.   "It is to be lamented however that great characters are seldom without blot." - George Washington   However, many man and women, by virtue, exemplify a value or attribute I find worthy of emulation and pursuit. These individuals serve as a reminder, an icon or inspiration of a worthy value or attribute. Icons serve a useful purpose they reminders and inspire us to hold to those values or characteristics we wish to pursue. It is important to remember that these people are not perfect. I guess if we find they have too many faults with them or faults that...
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I have had a number of experiences lately on this topic. I figure it is time to start writing down what I am learning about.    The question has come up a number of times and I have heard a number of responses. The question is, why are people avoiding church. (Little 'c' church on Sunday mornings.) In Hebrews we are reminded not to neglect or forget to gather or meet. So why are so many people put off by what we call church today?   My first question is, are these objections to church meetings on Sunday morning, really material to a Christian life? I have an easy answer. No. To be a Christian we don't have to attend meetings every Sunday morning, or ever on Sunday for that matter.   I think for many people they feel that the Christian life is simply going to church on Sunday, listen to a message, sing some songs and...

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Stonewall Jackson
On my first visit to Washington DC, in March, I did not have much time. I wanted to see something while I was out there. I hate having a strictly business trip, especially to some place I have not been, without stopping in and seeing some of the local sites. Since I was flying out of Dulles airport I was looking on a map to see what was close. I decided since my flight wasn't until 14:00 I would get up early and drive down to a local Civil War battlefield and on my way back I would stop by the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum near Dulles airport.   The Civil War battlefield was Bull Run / Manassas. The north and south would have different names for the battles. One would base the name on a local town or train stop and the other based the name on a local river or geographical feature.   That...
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Parenting is such a hard job. I have to admit that being a parent sounds like a good idea until the weight of the responsibility kicks in. I was thinking the other day about how the apple does not fall far from the tree and that reminded me of far too many examples in my life. I could not help but pray that God would protect my children from my mistakes and shortcomings. I want the best for them and often feel I don't do enough. Of course, some parents do too much and that ends up bad for the children too. I just hope that my kids can see past my mistakes and not repeat them. Don't get me wrong I love being a Dad and I love my kids dearly. It is for that reason I am concerned about doing the right thing by my kids.   For example my son has an issue with doing...
I recently finished reading, "The Devil's Delusion, Atheism and it Scientific Pretentions" by David Berlinski. His book covers a number of topics and issues with current research posing as scientific. Science will never be able to prove the existence of God or the non-existence. Yet Atheists will tell you that science disproves God. It does not. It also does not 'prove' evolution. A common misconception. He also covers the biased nature of some institutes and universities. Where critical think and questioning is discourage and even called dangerous. Science is about asking questions and seeking answers. Current research in cosmology and evolution indicates significant problems with the positions used to support an Atheistic world view.   It is a good book to read, if you are willing to entertain a critical questions against evolution. If evolution is true you have nothing to worry about. Right? I think it is always a...


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