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Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate Being someone agnostic to some of the issues discussed, I thought it was an interesting and informative debate. This is a big debate that covers many disciplines of science a little here and a little there. It might have been better to limit the debate or parts of the debate to biology or cosmology, instead of jumping back and forth. That being said Ken and Bill both made statements I agreed with. And both made statements I disagree with. Ken Ham frames the debate around the definitions and different kinds of science and defines Creationism. Which is a challenge that Nye does not address adequately. Instead, Nye repeatedly asks Ham for a testable predictions. However, this misunderstands Ham’s differentiation between observational science and historical science. Ken did say the Bible is testable and offered a few remarks on this. Ken Ham should have...

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Just got back from watching Captain America, The Winter Soldier. I have to admit this was an awesome movie and it isn’t the norm to get a sequel that is head and shoulders above the predecessor. This movie delivered on the action, as expected from the Marvel franchise, but it went above and beyond with a brilliant story. For me this is the best movie so far this year. What I like about the story is how it asks a very pertinent question for us today. How much are you willing to give up in order to live in a world without war, crime or suffering? Are you willing to give up your country, neighbors, friends and family? Are you willing to give up your freedom? Since the events of September 11, 2001 this has been the question the world has been struggling to answer. Given the recent revelations of...
We started at the Redwood Gate and took Stream Trail to Skyline Gate then took West Ridge Trail to Orchard Trail to Bridle Trail back to Stream Trail.
I just finished reading The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails. In particular I want to respond to some of the claims in Chapter 11 “Why the Resurrection is Unbelievable”, written by Richard Carrier. From other sources, Richard Carrier claims that Jesus did not exist and that his life is a complete myth. I also have some comments about Chapter 4, “The Outsider Test for Faith Revisited” written by John W. Loftus, that seem to be a prerequisite but that should be a separate post. I agree with Carrier when he says, “There is no good reason to treat these stories any differently than those we find in Herodotus…” (Kindle location 5635) Mike Licona and Gary Habermas agree that skeptics can take the New Testament documents as they would any other document from antiquity [1]. However, I think Carrier’s argument does not hold true to this principle. He treats Biblical stories...

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From author Larry Witham comes the book,By Design: Science and the Search for God, that traces the roots and history of two streams of interrelated thought from about 1980 to 2000; the intelligent design movement and the science and religion dialogue. His interest is in exploring “the middle ground between the atheists and the fundamentalists” where dialogue is taking place.1 Witham’s goal is provide the reader with an overview, although in condensed form, of the issues and events connected to this dialogue. Witham is a highly qualified author and a seasoned journalist who first honed his skills in the newsroom for the Washington Times for 21 years and then turned to writing and editing books. He was the editor of Science & Spirit magazine in 2007 and has authored 14 books. He has also been nationally recognized and has received awards from the Religion Communicators Council and the Templeton Foundation...

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Portrait of Galileo Galilei 1636 by Justus Sustermans
Portrait of Galileo Galilei 1636 by Justus Sustermans. On display at National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. This is a public domain work of art. The Galileo Affair On 15 February 15641 Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Duchy of Florence, Italy. In his early years, Galileo considered becoming a priest. However, his father persuaded him to study medicine. While at school he studied many subjects and later become a mathematician, physicist, astronomer and philosopher. His contributions the field of astronomy were revolutionary for his day. He discovered the phases of Venus, the four large satellites of Jupiter, now named in his honor as the Galilean moons, and his work on Sunspots. Galileo also worked to improve compasses. A devout Christian, he died on the 8th of January, 1642. However, today Galileo is known less for this contributions to science and known more as a poster child for what is called...

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The following was in response to the Mother Jones article, “Creationists Have Questions. I Have Answers” by Phil Plait (In response to the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate.) This was an interesting post and well written by Phil Plait. Some thoughts about a few of his points (original article sections in quotes): 4) "Does not the second law of thermodynamics disprove evolution?" “No. The creationist argument assumes the Earth is a closed system, such that energy cannot escape or enter.” He is correct in this generally. But often those who look to origin of life solutions from naturalism apply evolutionary theory to not simply all of biological life, but to cosmology as well and try to explain how information appearing in the cosmos does not violate the 2nd Law. Their solutions are at best awkward. 6) "If the Big Bang Theory is true and taught as science along with evolution, why...

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What are the necessary and sufficient conditions for something to be sex? Warning this topic contains discussions of a sexual nature. Intended for mature readers only. What is sex? This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? When I discussed this with my wife, her first reaction was, “isn’t it obvious?” To some extent, I agree that it is self-evident. However, other people don’t seem to find it as obvious as my wife and I. For example, BYU students are performing what they call ‘soaking’ to avoid BYU honor code violations. They believe that if they have penetration without orgasm, it is not sex. It seems obvious, to me, that their behavior is sex and that this is an attempt to narrow the definition in order to avoid the moral imperative. Basically the attitude is if you don’t like the rules, simply make a loophole. [2] I would not have...

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This picture is of me with SSGT Ty Carter, Medal of Honor winner. Take after VetJam 2013 in Pittsburg CA on November 9, 2013. The following is a transcript of a speech I gave at Brentwood veterans Park on November 11, 2013. Thanking our Veterans 2013 We come together here today to honor our war and peacetime veterans. Honoring and thanking our veterans should need no explanation. For me honoring and thanking all veterans seems to be self-evident. Until recently, I never thought that I would have to defend the idea of honoring and thanking our veterans. However, recently I was told by a citizen of this great country that he did not understand what the big deal is about honoring veterans. He said they just join the military because they have no other options. He told me he did not understand why they brag about their service by having...

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Prayers to the Saints a Catholic and Protestant dialogue (Part 1) 12 Sep 2013 Donald, OK, the suspense is killing me. What is your understanding of prayer to the saints? What are your objections? A couple points to keep in mind (you probably know these already): We (Catholics) don't worship saints. We only worship God. Praying in this context means communication. I know some people think prayer=worship. This is not the case in the Catholic view. We have statues and pictures of saints for the same reason I keep pictures of my other family members in house. (We consider saints as members of our spiritual family, which is also known as the Body of Christ) Best Regards, Brett 18 Sep 2013 Yes, I do what to continue the conversation, sorry I have been traveling. I forgot where we left off. I did want to ask you if I could compile...
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Worldview Conversations I Here is a collection of conversations with people who hold to differing worldviews. I have preserved the conversations in PDF format because many of the conversations are quite lengthy (some as many as 22,000 words). I did, however, change the names of the participants for privacy reasons. I have kept all of the posts in the conversation, even the ‘Troll’ posts, to preserve the feel and flow of the conversation. By going over my interactions again I have learned a number of things. One of the areas I think I need to work on is getting my point across clearly and as concisely as possible. When I looked back over one of my latest conversations I noticed that we were half way through the total conversation before I felt I had made the clearest and most concise statements. When you take too long to get to the...


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